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Reactor and Autoclaves

In last one decade, we have manufactured variety of Reactors & Autoclaves in different sizes for variety of Unit Operations. We have a capability to manufacture Reactors & Autoclaves sizing from 50Ltrs to 40000Ltrs, suitable for Homogenous & Heterogeneous Chemical Reaction Engineering, Halogenations, Distillation, Extraction, Mixing, etc. We have handled variety of Material of Constructions such as Hastealloy C-276 and C-22, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800H/HT, Incoloy 825 Nickel 200/201, Monel 400, SS904L, SS316L & SS304L. We have catered to the Process Condition of Pressure ranging from Full Vacuum to 100Bar (kg/cm²) & Temperature ranging from Cryogenic Application to 250°C. We also assist & undertake the Design of Reactors with variety of Agitator Systems. The Agitator Systems can be supplied with all types of Mechanical Seal, Gland Packing & Top Entry Magnetic Drives. We have manufactured Jacketed as well as Limpeted Reactors with maximum Utility Pressure of 25Bar(kg/cm²) . 

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